Active Ingredient: Thiamphenicol

Broad-spectrum antibiotic spray
Provides a protective barrier against microbial penetration
Not harmful to the ozone layer
Each 175 g spray can contains: thiamphenicol 3.75 g.

Topic spray.

Cattle, sheep and goats.

Thiamphenicol is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, active against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, including anaerobes, as well as against strains producing ß-lactamase and nitroreductase, chlamydiae, mycoplasmas, rickettsiae and some protozoa. Thiamphenicol, through inhibition of protein synthesis, blocks bacterial growth, showing a powerful bacteriostatic-bactericidal effect, even in infections characterized by a purulent component or by mucous hypersecretion.
Thiamphenicol, owing to its high liposolubility, is widely and rapidly distributed. It shows a high therapeutic index and excellent local tolerance; moreover, it is free from risks of toxicity for animals and consumers.
Efficacy of Denfus Spray is rendered more intense and complete by the presence of a filmogen which causes the formation of a protective film on the sprayed zone. This permits protection of the lesion from any contamination, at the same time favouring cicatrisation. The protective film also maintains thiamphenicol in position, prolonging its activity.

Denfus Spray is indicated for prevention and therapy of hoof infections in cattle, sheep and goats (foul foot, foot rot, interdigital dermatitis and hoof lesions in general).


Clean the injury carefully.
Shake, then spray the product holding the spray-can a few centimetres away from the injured part, so as to produce an even spray.
The colouring agent contained in the product permits visualisation of the treated area.
If it is wished to strengthen the protective layer, repeat the application immediately after drying of the product applied previously.
It is preferable to keep the animal on dry ground for the following 24 hours.
In general, a single administration is sufficient.
In cases of severe lesions, the treatment can be repeated daily until recovery.


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