Equi-Lyte G

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Electrolytes for horses | Vitamin E for horses | Recovery supplement for horses | Vitamin C for horses | Sodium for horses
The ultimate package of balanced electrolytes and antioxidants to support muscle function and recovery

Optimise rehydration and recovery with EQUI-LYTE G. More than just an electrolyte
Specially designed – to manage the loss of electrolytes through sweating
Sodium – the most important electrolyte as it regulates thirst
• Complemented by potassium, chloride, magnesium and calcium to support whole body function
Ainseed Flavour- palatable to encourage consumption
Vitamin C & E – a powerful antioxidant package to aid muscle recovery and maintain a healthy immune system
Performance horses
Horses in intense work
Those who suffer from muscle conditions including stiffness
All horses in hot climates

Vitamins Per Kg
3a700 Vitamin E 8,333 mg
3a300 Vitamin C 18,400 mg
Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein 0.05%
Crude Fibre <0.5%
Crude Fat 0.60%
Crude Ash 50.80%
Moisture 1.30%
Calcium 3.80%
Sodium 10.40%
Potassium 5.20%
Phosphorous 0.00%
Magnesium 0.30%
Chloride 20.90%
Carbohydrates 47.30%


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