Respiratory supplement for horses | Vitamin K for horses | Blood vessels in horses | Antioxidant for horses
Antioxidant rich respiratory support with added vitamin K

Your all-in- one ultimate respiratory health support
A powerful combination of antioxidants to help combat the effects of oxidative stress on the respiratory system:
• Hesperidin – a natural super antioxidant bioflavonoid to support capillary health
• Vitamin C & E – working in harmony to maintain a healthy immune system
Vitamin K – essential for blood clotting
All horses in high-intensity training and competition
Supporting horses with a compromised immune system


Vitamins Per Kg
3a300 Vitamin C 2000mg
3a710 Vitamin K3 200mg

Analytical Constituents:

Crude Protein 0.2%
Crude Fibre <0.1%
Crude Fat 0.6%
Crude Ash <0.1%
Moisture 7.8%
Sodium 0%



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