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Copper & Zinc for horses | Copper for broodmare | Copper for Stallion | Vitamins & Mineral Supplement
Chelated copper and zinc paste for optimal absorption

For convenient copper supplementation, choose COPPER-MAX
Chelated Copper & Zinc – in their most bioavailable forms ensuring optimal absorption
Chelated Copper supports :
• Fertility
• Bone and connective tissue development
• Hoof health
• Red Blood Cell Production
Chelated Zinc supports :
• The immune system
• The skeletal development
All horses, especially those:

Not receiving a daily feed
Grazing on copper-deficient land

Vitamins Per Kg Per 30g
3a880 Biotin 66.7mg 2mg
Trace Elements (Source In Brackets) Per Kg Per 30g
3b407 Copper (Copper (II) chelate of protein hydrolysates) 16.67g (138.9g) 500mg (4.17g)
3b612 Zinc (Zinc chelate of protein hydrolysates) 16.67g (111.1g) 500mg (3.33g)
Analytical Constituents
Crude Protein 7.8%
Crude Fibre 0.8%
Crude Fat 0.1%
Crude Ash 6.8%
Moisture 42.5%
Sodium 0%



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