FATROXIMIN Intrauterine Foam



Active Ingredient: Rifaximin


  • Complete and uniform distribution in the uterus
  • Just one administration for 72-hour antibacterial protection
  • Zero withdrawal time


Each 13.4 g spray can contains: rifaximin 100 mg.


Intrauterine preparation.


Cattle and horses.


Fatroximin Intrauterine Foam contains rifaximin, a synthetic antibiotic belonging to the ansamycine family. The particular chemical and physical characteristics of rifaximin eliminate any possibility of it crossing organic barriers (endometrium, mammary epithelium, intestinal mucosa etc.).
It is therefore an excellent agent for use in topical administration therapy.
Fatroximin Intrauterine Foam is highly active against Gram-positive (Arcanobacterium pyogenes, Corynebacterium spp., staphylococci, streptococci) and Gram-negative microorganisms (E. coli, Pasteurella spp., Salmonella spp., etc.), aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms; its action is bactericidal, and it takes place at extremely low antibiotic concentrations. The specific pharmaceutical form of this preparation is such that the volume of antibiotic foam expands to 6 times the dispensed quantity, reaching even the less accessible areas of the uterine cavity, with persistent adhesion to the wall of the uterus.
Fatroximin Intrauterine Foam is presented with disposable gloves and is suitable for administration with every type of catheter thanks to the universal connector.


Fatroximin Intrauterine Foam is indicated for the treatment of bacterial infections of the genital organs of cows and mares.
It is particularly indicated for: acute and chronic endometritis, metritis, cervicitis, vulvovaginitis and pyometra.




Acute and chronic endometritis, metritis, cervicitis: 50-200 mg (equivalent to ½-2 cans) in single administration according to the size of the uterus to be treated. A check on the extent of dilation of the uterus should be effected by means of rectal palpation throughout treatment.
Vulvovaginitis: 100 mg + 100 mg (equivalent to 1 + 1 cans), the second administration taking place 24 h after the first.
Pyometra: 50-200 mg (equivalent to ½-2 cans), after clearing the uterine lumen, in single administration according to the size of the uterus to be treated.
Acute and chronic endometritis: 100-400 mg (equivalent to 1-4 cans) in single administration according to the size of the uterus. Treatment can be repeated without complications at the discretion of the veterinary practitioner.
During treatment it is advisable to check the dilated state of the treated organ and uterine horns so that the exact dosage be administered and undesirable events such as tearing of the walls do not take place.
Administer via vaginal-uterine route.
For better results follow instructions for right application.
Use of an appropriate plastic catheters (not included in the pack) is advocated.


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