Flexi Hoof And Heel Conditioner

100,00 ر.ق


Hoof conditioner for horses | Hoof and Heel conditioner for horses | condition for horse hooves (and heels)
Rich nourishing conditioner cream to maintain hoof flexibility
Rich nourishing conditioner cream for hoof and heel
Aids with maintaining moisture to the origin of hoof growth in the coronary band.
Maintaining hoof moisture maintains hoof flexibility and shock absorbance.
Regular use of Flexi Hoof and Heel Conditioner Cream ensures maximum hoof growth, suppleness and strength while conditioning and improving the health of the whole hoof, sole, frog, and heel.
All horses

Ensure hooves are clean. Apply Flexi Hoof & Heel Conditioner to the coronary band, hoof walls, frog, and particularly to the heels. To keep the hooves supple and healthy, regular daily use is recommended.


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