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Support hoof growth and strength through a combination of Biotin and key minerals

A combination of elevated nutrients for optimum hoof quality
Biotin, Methionine & MSM – maximising hoof strength and quality by:
• Supporting the connective tissues inside the hoof wall
• Promoting optimal horn growth
Copper & Zinc – important for keratin synthesis associated with hoof strength and the ability to withstand loading
Horses with hoof problems such as:
• Poor quality horn growth
• Cracking
• Brittleness
• Slow growth and white crumbly horn
Horses with long periods of turnout on challenging ground conditions


Vitamins Per Kg Per 12.5g
3a880 Biotin 1600 mg 20 mg
3a841 Calcium D-Pantothenate 4000 mg 50 mg
Trace Element (Source In Bracket) Per Kg Per 12.5g
3b603 Zinc (Zinc Oxide) 16000 mg (20500mg) 200 mg (256mg)
Amino Acids Per Kg Per 12.5g
3c301 DL-Methionine 100 g 1250 mg

Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein 5.9%
Crude Fibre 0.1%
Crude Fat 0.2%
Crude Ash 13.1%
Moisture 7.6%
Sodium 0%
Calcium 2.4%


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