Active Ingredient: Neomycin-streptomycin-vitamins


  • Elective action against enteritis-causing bacteria
  • Rich supply of essential elements
  • Astringent action of Calcium and Kaolin


Each 28 g sachet contains: neomycin sulphate 1.538 g equivalent to neomycin 1 g, streptomycin sulphate 0.676 g equivalent to streptomycin 0.5 g, sulfaguanidine 2.5 g, phthalylsulfathiazole 1.5 g, vitamin B2 0.1 g, vitamin PP 0.5 g, kaolin 10 g, calcium carbonate q.s. 28 g.


Oral powder.


Cattle, sheep, goats, horses


Neomycin is active against many Gram-negative (E. coli, Pyocyanea spp., Aerobacter aerogenes, Salmonella spp., Shigella spp.) as well as some Gram-positive microorganisms, mainly Staphylococcus spp. Its activity is not impeded by the presence of digestive enzymes, exudates, food and other materials likely to be found in the digestive tract. Neomycin is practically not absorbed in the intestine.
Streptomycin, likewise not absorbed when administered orally, and notoriously active against gastrointestinal pathogens, is especially useful when associated to neomycin, since the two antibiotics have synergic action and thus ensure maximal antibacterial activity.
Sulfaguanidine and phthalylsulfathiazole, two sulfonamides endowed with high activity against coliform organisms and dysentery bacilli reach very high concentrations in the intestinal lumen, as they are practically not absorbed.
Vitamin PP and B2 compensate for the depletion of the same vitamins, partly due to reduced absorption from food as a result of enteritis, partly due to inhibition of the intestinal flora, which normally synthesizes these vitamins, by the antibiotics and sulfonamides being administered.


Infectious and enzootic diarrhoea of calves, foals, piglets, lambs and kids; acute and subacute enteritis in general.




Calves, foals: 1-2 sachets or 2-4 measuring cups (28-56 g)/day.
lambs and kids: ¼-1 sachet or ½-2 measuring cups (7-28 g)/day according to body weight. Continue treatment for 2-3 days.
The powder should be administered with a feeding bottle, mixed with any suitable liquid, including milk in case of sucking animals; otherwise preferably away from meals.
The concurrent administration of vitamin-enriched glucose solution or rehydrating solution is suggested.


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