Vaccine Against Bovine Paralytic Rabies. Reg. SAGARPA B-1069-040

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DERRIENFINE VACUNA CONTRA EL DERRIENGUE CEPA ACATLAN V-319 is manufactured with vampire bat rabies virus, which increases its specificity. This vaccine manufactured with live, modified and passage virus in cell cultures induces a strong and long-lasting immunity. DERRIENFINE VACUNA CONTRA EL DERRIENGUE CEPA ACATLAN V-319 has a high safety margin, given that the vaccine virus is multiplied inside the animal that has been vaccinated until the virus levels required for active immunization are achieved. This vaccine is effective when applied on active derriengue sprouts, which is why it reduces the mortality and the spreading of the disease. The Acatlán V-319 strain is recommended and used in the National Campaign against Derriengue, according to the NOM-011-SSA2-1993 for the prevention and control of rabies.

2.0 ml. Adult animals: one single yearly application. Young animals: vaccinate the animal when 3 months old and older, and re-vaccinate yearly.
Intramuscular administration.
Do not vaccinate female animals in gestation or sick animals. Keep away from light. Keep refrigerated between 4°C and 8C. Once it has been reconstituted, use the entire product. Once the product has been used, burn or destroy the container. Keep out of the reach of children. Handle aseptically. The vaccine must be applied only on healthy animals. Avoid heating or freezing. New and sterile syringes must be used. As a biological product, it may trigger anaphylactic reactions
Rabies virus suspension. Strain V-319 Acatlán. Live and modified.


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