Active Ingredient: Thiamphenicol


  • Highly active in broilers
  • High stability and rapid and uniform dilution
  • Use in drinking water or in liquid feed


1 ml contains: thiamphenicol 200 mg.


Oral solution.


Suckling calves, poultry.


Tirsan 200 O.S. contains the biologically active and enantiomerically pure form of thiamphenicol.
Thiamphenicol is an antibiotic possessing a chemical structure very similar to that of chloramphenicol, from which it differs in the substitution of the p-nitro group with a p-methylsulphonyl radical.
This substitution renders thiamphenicol free from the toxicological effects.
Thiamphenicol is a broad spectrum antibiotic, active against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, anaerobes, chlamydiae, mycoplasmas, rickettsiae and some protozoa. It is more efficacious in vivo than in vitro, and this must be taken into account when interpreting antibiotic sensitivity tests. This peculiarity, defined ‘paradoxical effect’, comes from the fact that thiamphenicol not only is not inactivated in the presence of organic fluids, but actually finds its antibiotic action exalted. After oral administration, thiamphenicol is completely absorbed and easily distributed to all areas of the organism, where it reaches concentrations equal or superior to those in the blood. Thiamphenicol is eliminated predominantly in unmodified form by the renal and hepatic routes.


Suckling calves: respiratory and gastro-enteric bacterial infections, septicemia, meningo-encephalitis, ophtalmitis.
Swine: bacterial diseases of the respiratory and enteric systems.
Broilers: diseases of the respiratory and enteric systems caused by bacteria or mycoplasmas, or secondary bacterial diseases following viral infections.




Suckling calves: 0.2-0.25 ml of product/kg bw/day (equivalent to 40-50 mg of thiamphenicol/kg bw/day) to be repeated for 3-5 days. Broilers: 0.175-0.35 ml of product/kg bw/day (equivalent to 35-70 mg of thiamphenicol/kg bw/day) to be repeated for 3-5 days. The product must be administered orally dissolved in the drinking water or in liquid feed according to the indications of the Veterinary Surgeon, being careful not to exceed the authorised daily dosage in mg of active substance/kg bw, on the basis of the following formula:

mg of active substance per kg b.w. x mean body weight of the animals to be treated (kg) x number of animals to be treated treated

= mg of active substance per litre of water/liquid  feed
total consumption of water/liquid feed recorded in the group the previous day (litres)

This conversion should be considered: 1 ml of product = 200 mg of thiamphenicol.
Determine the body weight carefully in order to ensure the right dosage.


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