Bacterin Against Bovine And Porcine Leptospirosis. Reg. SAGARPA B-1069-004

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LEPTOS-10 is a bacterin manufactured with strains of leptospira of proved antigenicity, which guarantees a better protection in endemic areas. LEPTOS-10 contains 10 serovarieties of the highest seroprevalence in the country and covers the broadest spectrum of infecting varieties, guaranteeing complete protection in any geographical area of our country. LEPTOS-10 includes a highly-specific and solid immune response and prevents abortions and reproductive problems originated by the leptospira infection. LEPTOS-10 is a safe product which, since it is inactivated, allows for the vaccination of all the animals in the flock as of three months of age, even lactating and pregnant females. When applied before gestation, this product provides placental and fetal protection.

In bovines and porcines: 2 ml. Primary vaccination: Two doses of 2 ml administered subcutaneously in the neck of healthy livestock at intervals of 30 days. For the prevention of fetal infection: administer the second dose at least two weeks before breeding. After primary vaccination, vaccination is recommended once a year. In high-risk areas, re-vaccination must occur every six months
Subcutaneous administration.
Do not vaccinate sick animals. Use the entire content of the flask. Once the product has been used, burn or destroy the container. Keep away from light. Keep refrigerated between 4°C and 8°C. Handle aseptically. Avoid freezing. Shake before use. Handle aseptically.
Each ml contains: 1×109 of each of the following serovarieties of Lepto- spira interrogans: L. hardjo, L. bafaviae, L. canicola, L. icterohaemorrha- giae, L. tarassovi, L. wolffi, L. ballum, L. grippotyphosa, L. serjoe and L. pomona, inactivated and absorbed in oil adjuvant.


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